Building Inspector / Code Enforcement Officers

The Village of Brockport seeks qualified individual for Building Inspector / Code Enforcement Officer.
This position is full time 40 hours per week including occasional evening meetings of the Village Board, Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, Code Review Committee, and Housing Task Force.
This position is Civil Service competitive: title Building Inspector. The applicant must be reachable on the ‚ Certification of Eligibles‚ list for Monroe County. The Village can hire an eligible lateral transfer applicant.
Must possess current New York State Basic Code Enforcement Training Certificate indicating completion of the New York State Basic Code Enforcement Training Program. Download job specifications with detailed minimum qualifications from this document: http://www.brockportny.org/files/buildinginspector.pdf.
Public sector/municipal experience is preferred. Position demands a thorough knowledge of NYS Uniform Code. An applicant should be familiar with Brockport Village Code at the time of interview and will be required to become thoroughly knowledgeable of Brockport Village Code at start of position.
This full-time position inspects and enforces all property maintenance and zoning laws and ordinances in the Village. The position is expected to inspect sites for code compliance, document any violations, and attend Administrative/Court Hearings as needed. The position is expected to interact with residents, contractors, and co-workers in verbal and written form in a professional manner.
An applicant must have excellent interpersonal skills and be able to interact positively but fairly, firmly, and consistently with people displaying a range of attitudes about code enforcement. An applicant must have a strong sense of ethics. The successful candidate will possess the following characteristics and abilities: excellent attention to detail, ability to communicate well, make appropriate decisions using sound judgment, ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers and stakeholders, ability to work outside in various environmental conditions, and ability to write reports, memoranda, directives, and letters. Familiarity with Microsoft Office (Excel and Word) is necessary. Knowledge of the Integrated Property System, also known as IPS, is not required but is desirable.
The position is assisted by a full-time Clerk and a part-time Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer.
The Village of Brockport has a population of 8,300, with 1,769 parcels, covering 2.2 square miles, in the County of Monroe, New York. Brockport is home of SUNY Brockport with 8,200 students. Brockport has a high percentage of rentals interspersed among single family owner-occupied homes, commercial properties and a modest amount of new construction.
Salary: Determined and based on experience.
If you meet the qualifications, download an employment application from www.brockportny.org (found in Forms and Applications of Quick Links. Send a cover letter and resume with completed employment application by email to Imorelli@brockportny.org or by mail to Village of Brockport, Attention: Village Clerk, 127 Main Street, Brockport, NY 14420.
Application deadline: Noon, Thursday, August 30, 2018.
Leslie Ann Morelli
Brockport Village Clerk

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